CEMA Ceramic Bearing




CEMA products have successfully penetrated the world market. The efforts put into research & development and innovative design are implemented so as to ensure CEMA ‘s long lasting success.

CEMA’s products includes carbon steel ball bearings, engineering plastic ball bearings, precision deep groove ball bearings, transmission bearings and bearings with pulley accessory, etc. The bearings designed and manufactured by CEMA are used by a wide range of industries; hardware tools, electronic components, auto parts, medical equipment, office equipment, transportation facilities, and many others.

Based on material science and production technology, CEMA continues to innovate research and development in order to protect the environment of the earth. It is not only our goal to provide “non-resistance rolling technology” to save energy, but also everlasting ideal for CEMA group.

TBFS Cycle Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor for CEMA ceramic bearings in Malaysia.

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